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Aim Precision Capital
Stable Income Fund

Aiming for stable return with a focus on capital preservation and portfolio diversification

5.85% *

Targeted Annual Return

* This is a targeted return as of 2024 January, and may not eventuate. Specific risks may impact on the possibility of such a return in future. 

No Lock-up Period

Monthly Income Distribution 


AUD $50,000 *

Minimum Investment

* Wholesale Investors Only 


Aim Precision Capital Stable Income Fund is constructed with a diversified portfolio of fixed income investments designed to ensure low volatility and stable returns.


Using a strategic approach centred on capital preservation, the fund aims to provide investors with a targeted annualised total return of RBA +1.5%* and flexibility of monthly redemption.

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* This is a targeted return, and may not eventuate. Specific risks may impact on the possibility of such a return in future. 

Investment Approach

Diversified Fixed Income Investments

Maintaining a diverse portfolio with high-quality fixed asset interest securities for stable income


Image by Scott Graham

Strategic Investment in

Other Funds

Allocating capital to select investment funds with similar objectives for enhanced diversification and leveraging external expertise

Image by Tierra Mallorca

Conservative Risk Management

Focusing on property-backed investments with conservative Loan-to-Value Ratios (LVR) below 75% for capital protection

Data on a Touch Pad

Proactive Income and Stability Management

Actively managing the fund to seize income opportunities and maintain capital stability through dynamic market analysis

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Inflation-Responsive Strategy

Adapting to strategy to inflation trends for balanced income generation and prudent asset growth

Committed to
Investor Satisfaction

Our commitment to Capital Preservation and Investor Satisfaction is at the forefront of this approach

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