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Our Business

Aim Precision Capital Management is a boutique investment manager serving wholesale investors. We offer our diversified experiences in multiple sectors including financial market, property, credit and alternative markets on a 5 x 24 hours around-the-clock basis. We specialise in research, development and maintenance of investment strategies and trading system. By actively capturing investment opportunities, we aim to produce sustainable growth with enhanced risk control for our investors.

Aim Precision Capital Management create and maintain the edge by utilising information and data with qualitative, quantitative, statistical methodologies and state of art technologies.

Stock Market Graph
Data Visualisation
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Our Objective 

Our objective at Aim Precision Capital Management is to deliver superior investment returns through a rigorous, data-driven investment process. We strive to achieve consistent growth for our clients by leveraging advanced quantitative strategies, market insights, and risk management techniques.

Our Team

Experienced Fund Administration & Compliance Team

Our Service Providers

Our fund broker partner
Fund service provider
Fund lawyer partner
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