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At Aim Precision Capital Management, we are committed to helping you and doing what’s right. We care about what you think and welcome your compliments, suggestions, and complaints. If you are dissatisfied with us, a service, product, staff, or the handling of a complaint, and you need a response or resolution, then you have a complaint.


How to lodge a complaint 

You can let us know about your dissatisfaction with us, our staff, service, product, or our complaints handling process in whichever way is best for you: 

  • Phone us on 02 8005 5818 

  • Through our online feedback form:

  • Write to us at Aim Precision Capital Management Pty Ltd Level 14, Citadel Tower B 799 Pacific Hwy, Chatswood, NSW 2067 Australia 


You can also use these contact methods if you would like further information about our complaints handling process.  

Information we need  

If your feedback is about a complaint, we will ask for certain information from you, including: 

  • your name 

  • your contact details 

  • how you prefer to be contacted 

  • a description of your complaint, and 

  • how you would like the complaint resolved. 

When to expect a response 

We work proactively to investigate and resolve complaints as quickly as practicable, and many complaints can be resolved within days or on the spot.  

Where a complaint cannot be resolved immediately, we will: 

  • acknowledge your complaint generally within 24 hours, and 

  • give you the contact details of the person responsible for dealing with your complaint. 

The person responsible for dealing with your complaint will commence their investigation and: 

  • may contact you for further details 

  • keep you informed about the status of your complaint at different times  

  • let you know the expected timeline for your complaint to be resolved, which may be up to 30 calendar days 

  • your role in getting the complaint concluded, if applicable 

  • when they complete their investigation, contact you about the outcome, and any resolution that may be available to you where applicable.  

Where your response cannot be resolved within 30 days, we will be in contact with you.   

If you are still unhappy 

If you are not satisfied with our we handle your complaint, you can contact our Australian Financial Services Licensee Boutique Capital Pty Ltd by: 

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